Tom McDermott

Tom McDermott, of Wagga Wagga, Australia, started competing at shows at the young age of only 12, with his first competition pony Murrum Park Goodwood (aka Woody).

Tom at 17 is the youngest winner of the World Cup riding Statford Delight

He is currently the Australian National Junior and Young Rider Champion,

Tom continues his winning form on James and son High E at the snowy mountains showjumping festival at Cooma

The reigning national junior and young rider champion showed enormous talent and skill in riding 9 of his horses to win a total of ten classes including the feature show jumping class, the grand prix.

Well done Tom.

Front cover of The Horse Magazine December 2011 riding Annie Elka.

Statford Delight winning the Gawler World Cup in September
Statford Delight winning the Gawler World Cup in September

This years Junior Australian Champion, Capone.

Tom lives at home on a small 10 acre property on the outskirts of Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia.

Some of Tom’s most memorable highlights & accomplishments include:

Highlights of 2011

  • Leading rider at Snowy Mountains Showjumping Festival January 2011
  • Premier Floats Show - SL Limerick winner of the Futurity and Grand Prix
  • Statford Delight Champion Showjumping Horse Canberra Royal 2011
  • Champion Showjumping Rider at Sydney Royal 2011, youngest rider ever to do this.
  • Statford Delight and Tom win their first Word Cup at Gawler in September, youngest rider in the world to do this.
  • Adelaide Royal Champion Junior Rider
  • Australian Showjumping Championships - Capone and Tom Australian Junior Champion for second year in a row and also runner up on SL Eclipse.
  • Adelaide World Cup 3rd on SL Limerick ( this gained Tom a half MES for London Olympics).
  • Wodonga World Cup Show, Statford Delight winner of the Betty McVean Memorial Grand Prix
  • Wodonga Indoor World Cup 2nd on Statford Delight
  • Summer Classic at SIEC - Tom and Dal Santo winner of the Super Junior Final
  1. Tom and Capone winner of the Super Young Rider Final
  2. Tom and SL Limerick 2nd in the World Cup
  • 2010 Australian Junior Showjumping Champion (Capone)
  • 2010 Australian Young Rider Showjumping Champion (CP Rolex)
  • 2010 NSW State Young Rider Showjumping Champion ( Statford Delight)
  • 2010 NSW State Junior Showjumping Champion (SL Eclipse)
  • 2010 Teams Silver medalist at the Youth Olympics, Singapore
  • 2010 Emerging Athlete Scholarship with NSW Institute of Sport (NSWIS)
  • 2010 Member of theNational Young Rider Squad
  • 2009 1st in the last leg of the Tekna Young Rider Series (SL Eclipse)
  • 2009 New Zealand Horse of The Year show, winning the prestigious 6yo class (on loan horses) and placing third in the 7yo class, also high placings in other classes through out the week (NZPH Playtime, NZPH Olympia, NZPH Ocean Beach)
  • 2009 ISS summer championships CSI-W, 1st Super Junior Final (Sasskatoon)
  • 2009 Equestrain Youth Olympic team, reciveing a Bronze medeal in the teams event (Whistling Dixie)
  • 2009 1st AMMO Young Rider Shoot Out (Statford Delight), the winner was awarded a trip to Europe, to train at the famous Klatte Stable
  • 2008/2009 Wagga Wagga Junior Sportsperson of the Year
  • 2008 EFA NSW Junior of the Year
  • 2008 Australian Representive to Korea
  • 2008 Australian Championships 1st NSW Junior State Team (Merriwar)
  • 2008 Australian Junior Champion Merriwar)
  • 2007 EFA NSW Junior of the Year
  • 2007 Australian Futurity Championship 1st (Merriwar) 2nd (He's Crafty)
  • 2007 Australian Championships 1st NSW junior state team (He’s Crafty)
  • 2007 Australian Junior Championships, runner up(Markovich)
  • 2006 Australian Junior Champion (Zaydan)
  • 2006 ACT Junior Champion (Zaydan)
  • 2006 Represented Australia in South Africa (Cavalier Icon, Cavalier Victor)
  • 2005 ACT Junior Champion (Zaydan)


 Tom uses James and Son High E Horse Mix and Accomplish Horse Pellets to prepare his horses

To read more about Tom visit his website